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is expected to miss the u.s. mainland, beaches along the east coast began preparing for his side effects friday. many are closed to swimmers from new york's long island through new england. the high wavers are a favorite of sur experience. but the rip currents generated by hurricane are particularly dangerous. >> water and waves will be un-- even for strong swimmers. all the beaches on nan you can the and several beaches on the vein injured and outer cape are or will be closed. >> what began in the northeast as an inconvenience is expected to end with heavy rains and sustained winds of between 30 to 50 miles per hour. and will bill come ashore. >> we do believe it will make landfall east of hal, if and move across the southern part of nova scotia. >> residents there are making last minute preparations for bill's unwelcome arrival. stephanie sy, abc news. >>> the latest now on the two teens police say were involved in that racially motivated beating earlier this week. 16-year-old zachary watson and 17-year-old emanuel miller remain behind bars. yesterday the pair was denied bail. both fac
, but thanks to action by congress it looks like it will keep rolling on. pam culter tells us how. >> reporter: cash for clunkers appear tiebz victim of its own success. the program is scheduled to run through november but after less than one week it's nearly out of money. that's where congress came in. just hours before leaving on its august recess, the house voted to add another $2 billion to the program to keep it going. the senate's expected to vote on the additional funding next week before leaving on its recess. many car dealers around the nation are pleased with the program saying business is booming. >> dollar for dollar, this is the best economic stimulus that the government could have put out there. >> normally, the day started about 9:30. now they are knocking on the door. >> reporter: car show rooms from coast to coast are filling up with customers looking for a good deal. >> we were going to try to do something in the next couple of weeks. we thought we'd go ahead and take care of it today. >> the program offers up to $4500 for every eligible vehicle. the clunkers must be scrapped
administered the oath at the u.s. supreme court building in front of a gathering of her family, friends and various officials. >> congratulations, and welcome to the court [applause] >> the 55-year-old who grew up in a new york public housing project and later graduated from yale law school had served as a federal judge since being appointed by the first president bush in 1992. >> the yays are 68 and the naya are 31. the nomination of sonia sotomayor of new york to be an associate justice of supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> she was confirmed after nearly a week of testimony last month before the senate judiciary committee. there she faced tough questions from republicans about her ability to be an impartial judge. but sotomayor assured them she always follows the letter of the law. >> many senators have asked me about my judicial philosophy. simple -- fidelity to the law. >> her appointment has been a great source of pride for many hispanic americans who view her as a role model for young people. one group of young new yorkers who were mentored by her got together sat
and if they r they're just at the edge. taking a look at us for tonight, 64 degrees, mostly cloudy, couple showers are still possible, maybe a few storms. but that will be out of here by tomorrow. we'll talk about the forecast and your two degrees guarantee, coming up. back to you. >>> the contend's life work was not championed . >> after a moving funeral in his home state of massachusetts, senator ted kennedy was eulogized in washington, d.c. on capitol hill. he did so much there to influence life in this country over the last half century. tonight family, friends and fans are remembering the man who wasn't just a political figure, abc's viviana hurtado has more. >> reporter: returning to the nation's capital one last time. this is where he lived and worked almost 50 years, on some of the most sweeping social legislation in history. this is where he's honored one final time. and this is where he'll be buried, across the river at arlington national cemetery, next to his slain brothers john and robert kennedy. earlier more good-byes in massachusetts, where his funeral mass was held. three o
is affectionately known. use her energy to collect school supplies for the kids in her neighborhood go back to class. but this time the giveaway had a major hurdle, which she calms a blessing in disguise. >> i think i got a little more because i got shot. that's what i think. but we do this every year. >> more community donations came in even from the mayor's office after attention turned towards miss shirley's well being. on tuesday night the 59-year- old was in her living room watching tv when police say a stray bullet hit her window frame, passed through the sofa, then on to folks. she suffered a minor injury, but she was determined to still help local kids. >> we were working on the project before the incident, so i wanted to put closure to it. >> last night neighbors held a rally to stand up against the violence. >> we just want to raise awareness to the fact that there are law-abiding citizens in this neighborhood who won't tolerate gun violence. >> miss shirley has barely missed a beat and now kids have the supplies they need before school starts in just two weeks. she tells us she makes a pl
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5